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" Cleaning A piece of History "

The major preservation project of six national aviation treasures took place this past week in Seattle Washington. Local business owner Jim Goguen was invited to play a lead roll within the efforts.

The aircraft that are being preserved and serviced include the very first jet Air Force One, the last Concorde jet to fly over North America, a Boeing 727, the very first Boeing 737 ever built, the very first Boeing 747 built, and a rare and historic B-47 Bomber. These historic aircraft are on display at the Museum of flight which is housed at Boeing Field in Seattle WA.

Jim Goguen of Jimís Auto Installations & Detailing Center was asked by Renny Doyle of Attention to Details Boise ID to help him and his team in preserving a few pieces of history. The team consisting of Renny Doyle, Jim Goguen and several select volunteer detailers from across the country. Attention To Details and their affiliates like Jim help preserve historic aircraft and other forms of vehicles including automobiles and boats from across the globe and this team is the first to preserve an Air Force One aircraft.

For eleven years, VC-137B, a special Boeing 707 model has been on display at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle WA. Since 1996 when Air Force One was granted to the Museum of Flight, some 1.5 million visitors have stepped back in history aboard the "flying Whitehouse" that carried Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon along with many national and world leaders. In 1959, President Eisenhower took the very first Presidential jet flight aboard this aircraft and called it "exhilarating".

These amazing pieces of our nationís history are due for a makeover after they have endured Seattleís famously wet weather. Attention to Details and there team of volunteer detailers from across the country were there to help.

The exterior work included a full cleaning of surfaces, treatment and removal of oxidized paint, polishing all painted surfaces, and, the final step, sealing the exterior paint. The teamís biggest challenge, however, was restoring the badly hazed exterior aluminum finish the bare aluminum was returned to its original reflective mirror finish with countless man hours.

Jim was chosen for this project because of his over 21 years of experience and his true passion to detailing Says Renny Doyle. I knew Jim would be a great team player and he really help us out on this tremendous project. We look forward to having him back next year and working with him on projects in the future.


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